Welcome to Tradebank of Colorado Springs. Here you will find information on utilizing barter as a means to save money, not only for your business, but also for personal items as well. Think of Tradebank as your business (marketing and concierge) ally. We promote your products and services, help convert excess inventories into working capital, and provide you with buying opportunities to expand your business and reduce cash expenses.

How Barter Works!

Bartering was first instituted as a one on one trade. I trade my goods or services for your goods or services. That was fine as long as you need the goods or services you were trading you goods or services for. Tradebank makes your transaction even easier! Now you don’t have to find someone who simultaneously needs your product or service and has what you need. Only one trader’s need is required to start the process, and with the help of a trade broker, everyone comes out with something they need.

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Tradebank completes trades for its clients much like a clearinghouse or commercial bank would do for stocks or checks. As an intermediary, Tradebank receives a commission on each transaction and saves all parties the trouble and process of collection, exchange of goods, or matching needs exactly with those of another party.

The transactions between companies are actually converted to barter credits or “trade dollars” (one trade dollar is equal to one U.S. dollar in value) and are reflected as balances in each trading company’s “trade account.” The barter accounts are maintained and serviced by Tradebank and are accessible to the account holder online. No receivables. No collection efforts. No bad debts.

What can I buy on Tradebank?

Colorado Springs members have purchased:

Advertising, Amusement Park Tickets, Automotive Repair, Carpeting, Chiropractors, Courier Service, Dentists, Drapery, Electronics, Eye Care, Florist, Golf, Golf Clubs, Graphic Design, Home Décor, Hotels, Hot tubs, Jewelry, Moving Company, Office Furniture,  Painting, Pet Grooming, Printing, Rafting, Restaurants, Sporting Event Tickets, Storage, Tires, Vacations, Water World Tickets, Web Design, Zip line, and more!

Be a part of a growing “barter” industry with 100’s of Tradebank members right here in Colorado and 1000’s more across the US and Canada.

Tradebank – The Smarter Way to Barter